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 [PC]Modding Tools[PC]

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PostSubject: [PC]Modding Tools[PC]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:49 pm

Modding Tools

The following is a list of very useful modding tools which can be used to make your very own mods for Halo PC.

1. HMT v3.5 with major plugins
- Very good program for modding ?tqmy2ytdjmm

2. Spark Edit v3.1
- Used for mapping and moving around scenery/vehicles/weapons/flags/spawns etc. ?ymtw32jmmyj

3. Eschanton 0.8.1
- Very good program for modding as well. ?qzmrmjz2g3y

4. HHT v5 ?jelynywj5im

- Registered Version (Full recording time)
- The most used program for in game video recording and taking screen shots ?0zv24n9f05aiqng

6. Tutorials
- Contains some simple tutorials which will help you start of to modding ?ntn2nzz4zwn

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[PC]Modding Tools[PC]
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