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 [PC]Bloodgulch - Twisted Metal Mod[TM]

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PostSubject: [PC]Bloodgulch - Twisted Metal Mod[TM]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:25 pm

Twsited Metal Mod

Quote :

This mod was created by ~TM~[ReV] for bloodgulch in Halo PC. The map now features crashed pelicans and alien dropships which will provide excellent cover when assaulting an enemy base or when escaping from one. Warthog turrents (chaingun and rockets) can now be controlled from the driver seat of the warthog to allow of easy attacking when in a chase. The environment is well suited for a CTF or a Deathmatch and can be adapted for use in other game types. All in all this mod is very simple with only a few retextures which includes warthogs and grass textures.

Quote :

Visit the website for this mod by clicking the following link ->

Quote :
Download Link

Update 1.0 -> ?4t5nzhggxam

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[PC]Bloodgulch - Twisted Metal Mod[TM]
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