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 [PC][Campaign]The Library - Modded[TM]

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PostSubject: [PC][Campaign]The Library - Modded[TM]   Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:41 pm

The Library [Modded - ReV]
- Project !? -

Quote :

The following are download links for the campaign map, The Library done by ReV. It is a very simple mod and there are only a few visual changes. Updates...nope.
This mod works with both PC and MAC

Quote :
Installation & More

For information on how to install this mod you can visit the following link -> Installation Help
For other Official Twisted Mindz Mods you can visit the following link -> Official Twisted Mindz Mods

Quote :
Download Links

+ Update 1.0 - ?16gg1b2i4rycc0a +
== Updates included ==
1. Bitmaps internalized (would not affect textures of other maps)
2. Shotgun burn effect (not to worry, it does no damage to you)
3. Imported Flamethrower
4. Changes to lighting (colours, lens flares)
5. Textures - Bipeds and some weapon models
6. Shaders tweaked

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[PC][Campaign]The Library - Modded[TM]
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