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 [PC]Sidewinder - Retextured[TM]

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PostSubject: [PC]Sidewinder - Retextured[TM]   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:58 pm

Sidewinder [TM Retextured - ReV]
- Project Still Frozen -

Quote :
About've been working on this mod for a really long time now and I finally got around to completing it. I present you with a retexture of the map Sidewinder, a once snow covered field is now a green battleground. I have put alot of effort into making this one so i do hope you like it. Not sure of updates for this map as usual, since I've pretty much covered most of the things I wanted to do for this map. Yes, there are a few bugs in the textures and other stuff. I am aware of it however, I'm not certain of how to fix em. So for time being, enjoy the mod the way it is until updates are pushed.

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For information on how to install this mod you can visit the following link -> Installation Help
For other Official Twisted Mindz Mods you can visit the following link -> Official Twisted Mindz Mods

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]Download Links

+ Update 1.0 - ?8zbhx8o5hzrpz54 +
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[PC]Sidewinder - Retextured[TM]
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