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 Installing Mods

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PostSubject: Installing Mods   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:20 pm

Installation For Mods

Here is a simple tutorial in which you can follow in order to effectively install a new mod.
Please follow each step carefully.

1. Important To Know
Quote :

Here are some simple yet important things you should know before applying the mod\map you downloaded.

Halo Directory
This is the location on your hard disk in which Halo has been installed on. On PC, this directory contains the halo.exe file as well as other *.dll files and folders which includes the MAPS folder in which all halo maps can be found. On PC this directory is usually as follows :-
My Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files -> Microsoft Games -> Halo

2. Backing Up
Quote :

Backing up is an important step and should not be overlooked. This involves making a copy of your original unmodded content and storing it in a safe place before you apply your new mod. This is useful if there is any error with the mod you can always return your game back to its original state by removing the mod and placing back the unmodded version. Before applying any maps, a copy of the original map should be made and kept on another location on your hard disk.
Example : Before applying a bloodgulch mod, you can create a folder in the Halo MAPS directory called original where you can place the original unmodded bloodgulch before applying the mod.

3. Installing The Mod
Quote :

After backing up, the rest is simple. Once you have downloaded the mod just follow the next few steps :

1. Extract the mod. This is necessary if the mod is in a *.zip or *.rar file. You can use winzip or winrar programs in order to extract the mod from this format in order to produce your *.map file

2. Go to the Halo Maps directory .i.e. go into the MAPS folder found in the Halo directory. (see Important To Know for information on this directory)

3. Copy the moded Halo map (the one that you extracted) and replace the original map found in the Halo MAPS directory and your work is done.


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Installing Mods
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